26/11 ….A Black Wednesday


One more Wednesday….one more planned terrorist attack…..once again hundreds of people killed and injured….once again our countrymen are face-to-face with fear…look at the pictures below….look at the face of the common man, totally shocked by the happenings, feeling totally helpless and frustrated….people say that the ‘Spirit of Mumbai’ will show up again and that everyone

CST Station - where the massacre started

CST Station - where the massacre started

will get back to their normal lives soon…But the question is, WHY adjust to the situation and give the losers from across the border a feeling of assurance and confidence that whatever they do will be tolerated??! WHY do the police and special security forces have to keep losing their lives fighting bloody wars against terrorists??!  People watch news channels for minute-by-minute updates, thanking God that none of their relatives were hurt- and after a week, forget about the entire issue…only until another huge catastrophe happens, thanks to a few $%^&-heads from the neighbouring country. Tomorrow it might be Bengaluru, or Delhi, or Chennai…who knows, you might be walking down your favourite street

A shocked and injured citizen

A shocked and injured citizen

shopping for your friend’s birthday-and the next moment- BANG! – half the people around you are lying down dead. This thought has been disturbing me for the last two days; and what is more disturbing is that these attacks have been happening more frequently than ever before. Look at the photo of one of the

The Ruthless Killer

The Ruthless Killer

terrorists responsible for the shootouts. He has this unemotional look on his face as he moves out of CST station to CAMA Hospital, to kill more people there. He and his partner are heavily loaded with ammunitions and grenades to carry out massive attacks. Some of his accomplices have taken hostages in the Taj and the Trident Oberoi hotels, mainly occupied with foreign nationals. This brings out a lot of questions :-

  • Were this attacks aimed indirectly at America? It is said that Al Queda might have masterminded the bombings and shootouts at the 5-star hotels, and it was planned in such a way that it happened during daytime in the US.
  • Was this an issue of intelligence failure again?
  • Are certain corrupt citizens involved? How can one allow terrorists with heavy ammunitions and weapons to enter into the country?!
  • Was this a way to thwart foreign investments coming into the commercial capital of India?
  • Will Pakistan ever grow up and own up??!

I leave these questions to be answered by you all. I’m sure there will be a lot of opinions and issues coming up here. But the bottom-line is, something HAS to be done in order to ensure national security. These terrorists should be made known that we are NOT going to allow them to ruin the peace within our country!

An elderly citizen being guided through the bloodshed

An elderly citizen being guided through the bloodshed

22 thoughts on “26/11 ….A Black Wednesday

  1. something has to be done… b4 the matter digests in the brain and b4 there is another reminder tht they’re still active…

  2. Its practically impossible to safeguard every citizen. But we are helpless because, by the time the security advisers pass on this info to the governments,the attack would have already taken place.

  3. Nikhil-
    The main reason these creatures are doing all this is to throw the normal lives of people off gear and instill fear in our minds. The only way we can show them that we are brave is to get back to normalcy asap. But, at the same time, we need to find the root cause.

    My answers to your questions:
    1. Whether it was aimed at USA or not, I feel it is immaterial. The fact of the matter is that it is done in the financial capital of a prospective G10 country. This was not done in USA because it is much difficult to carry out an operation of the same magnitude there. So, directly it comes down to our hapless Intel. [answers #2]

    3. Money is defenitely involved. How else can terrorists come with a commando type of ammunition?! An Anti-corruption Cell [ACC] with links with ACCs of other countries should be estd. That way it’ll be stronger.

    4. The market was closed yesterday. This will certainly affect the trading and will have an impact on the foreign investments. People will think a zillion times to invest in a place which is infested with terror attacks.

    5. So, practically what can India do?
    We fully well know the major “donor” of terrorists into India.
    Considering that Pakistan shall not grow up, we need to have better Intelligence. As I have pointed out earlier, we need to have a global intelligence network to wage a global war on terrorism; as these creatures do not operate from one country alone: the finance comes from one place, the manpower from someplace else, the weapons from somewhere else.. all this can be detected with a strong intel system.

  4. No. Pakistan will never ever own up! They are just taking advantage of our soft governance. They know we will never attack them, the so called “non-violent” philosophy that we follow. Our country goes out to shake hands with them. Why do we need it? We get attacked, but still we never learn. We might get back to normal lives, but they will strike again.
    The guy who attacked the parliament is being treated like a museum piece. Why? Coz it were the innocent guards who lost lives n not the politicians. They should’ve just got killed i say. Then they would’ve felt what this all means. They think they’re in a rosy world where no one can attack them. Our military forces are the one suffering.

    Its time India changes its attitude. We need to strike them. Our intelligence & technology are 100 times better than pak!

  5. i dont have anymore words to say except that it has left me shocked and bewildered . nick i have lit the peace torch on my blog and will be observing peaceful march against terrorism on the blog for one week. i request you to carry froward the torch marking our solidarity . thanks

  6. its so frustrating Nik.. all wat we could do during t past 2 days was to stay glued to our tv sets, pray n hope. did u c tat article abt tat terrorist on bang mirror? he’s 18! he can be easily mistaken to be 1 of our classmates! N he has been trained to an extent where he can execute such a high magnitude attack. just imagine how many more ppl ‘ve they brain washed n taught them to kill mercilessly. N its impossible without ppl within these hotels to carry out this operation. Do they even know what they r doing?
    N wats wit t “mumbai spirit” they cant ignore t fact tat its a massacre. every single moment they ‘ve to realize wats happening n should always be alert. not in fear though.

  7. Three days!! Damn it!! It was such a nightmare.
    We can’t even begin to understand what the people who were taken hostages and who lost their family members must be going through.
    I just hope that the Government do something instead of forming committees.

  8. Su- Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Ashwin- All solutions are valid. Also, how about having special security forces in every state capital instead of only the national capital? Who knows, many more lives could have been saved if there were NSG commandos stationed at Mumbai itself, instead of flying them down from New Delhi!

    Hari – A strong and proactive intelligence system is the order of the day. We can’t let such attacks happen so frequently! Any loss of life is a huge loss, atleast to the family….who will support a government which says that its not possible to safeguard all citizens’ lives?

  9. Arpit- I shall carry the torch forward. Thanks…

    Sri – Its really sad that so many youngsters are being brainwashed and made to carry out such outrageous acts. That’s because teenagers have that rush of blood and when provoked, can do things without looking at the outcome of it. I’m not sure if the hotel staff are involved, but DEFINITELY, there are a lot of locals who have helped in this barbaric act- coz they feel they are helping their brothers from across the border…and THATS the most unfortunate part. These people who eat our salt and work for the neighbour should be eliminated first. Its because of them that the entire world looks at the Muslim community with suspicion

    Deepthi- Totally agree with you! There should be strong steps taken to curb terrorism. Special laws should be enforced to deal with terrorists. Our judiciary’s policy is that even if 100 deadly criminals are let go, an innocent citizen shouldn’t be punished. That is acceptable when dealing with internal issues, but when it comes to terrorism, the people behind bars should be HANGED IN PUBLIC! These maniacs should be murdered by the dozens in public eye, and only then will they know that their “noble cause” or “fight for azaadi” or whatever shit it is will serve no purpose whatsoever!

    Amit- Yes, its really unfortunate, really shocking….I have been very disturbed for the last three days, as have millions of our countrymen. Something definitely has to be done!

    FH- I guess that song sums up our situation very well…………

  10. Thanks…..its absolutely essential that we keep this tragedy in our minds for a long time, so as to ensure that necessary action is taken

  11. first of all..nice write up good job
    now d answer to ur qns from my point of view

    1. 6 Americans and 180+Indians… was it aimed on Americans?? they just know hit where it hurts d most.. whosoever it may concern..

    2. was it intelligence failure?? is that a question?? offcourse and add ignorance and ‘honi ko kaun tal sakta hai’ attitude to that..

    3. ya.. i bet Pakistani citizens were involved..(as faked Indians maybe)

    4. maybe, but terrorist don’t give much damn to that.. (consider terrorist thinking… if v attack Bombay it would lead to fall in sensex, lesser ppl investing in India, hence slower GDP growth, recession gets speeded up, hence depression)

    5. YES it will and i have a strong feeling about it.. at this time it may sound unrealistic but consider d example of U.S.
    it created taliban, al qaeda, osama bin laden-supplied them weapons and money to fight against USSR.. and c now… there a saying

    “The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practise it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies.”…

    pakistan is suffering from it… the bhutto assassination, and mariot blasts r proofs.. the reason why pak hasn’t been able to do any thing is b’coz,
    “it has two seperate governments one, elected by ppl and d other actuall ruling and administrative government- the ISI which is the real power center”
    isi has become so powerful that its impossible for anyone to control it in pak..

    i would like to add another dimension to this topic…
    the reason v r seeing so much hue and cry this time is bcoz of the media coverage..
    check out a few statistics on web of how many ppl die in j&k and on borders every year… in a way v all r to be blamed for this not just politicians.. why didn’t we say “Enough is Enough” when serial blasts happened. where was this outrage when soldiers at the borders were being killed inspite of ceasefire??
    trust me all of us will eventually forget abt it, other than the effected ppl and their families… at least this time lets hope that the final outcome will be different and positive…

  12. i would like to comment on couple of points made by u in ur replies to sri and deepthi..

    a)ppl who help them as brothers based on religion…. why don’t they c their brothers dying in these attacks?

    b)hanging or killing in public.. NO really against it.. if v do that then what would it be that differentiate us from them?? i would say probably keep them alive and show them that their motive didn’t work and they have failed..

  13. I’ll reply to the second comment first…
    It is but obvious that there were people from within who helped these terrorists enter into our land….Why they didn’t see their brothers dying in these attacks is a good question; maybe they knew that the ordinary Indian Muslim citizen is no more carried away by the ‘fight for independence’ as was originally termed by these extremists. There were scores of Muslims outside Taj a couple of days back, holding banners with anti-Pak slogans. And I think if there’s Anything positive that we can see after these attacks, its the fact that we stood united as a nation. There were no communal riots as was the case after the ’93 blasts and post Godhra, which, in the true sense, is a victory for India.
    I agree that people will forget about it in a few days’ time. Yes ,there were many dastardly incidences in the past which should have caused the kind of outrage that these attacks did- but now, we should keep these horrifying images in mind so that we can take steps to avoid another Kasav ruthlessly massacring people!

    Coming to the point of killing them in public….what would happen if we keep them alive? Either one of their own people will kill them so as to destroy the only evidence we have, or, if there’s a big-fish in our custody, another of our planes will get hijacked in return for them (although our government has made it clear that no terrorist will be released in return for hostages) ….The point I wanted to make is that there should be VERY strong anti-terrorism laws to ensure that we don’t become a soft target again. Separate courts trying terrorists and giving speedy justice is one option, but there is a good chance that it can be misused by some highly influential people to punish innocent citizens. So something must be thought of to prevent anti-social elements from taking us for granted!

  14. Coming to the first comment, there were inputs given to the government about possible attacks from the sea; even the fishermen board wrote a letter to the Maharashtra government, informing them of a boat filled with RDX. So the question is, was this really a failure in our intelligence, or a failure on the part of our leaders to take action??

    I completely agree with the fact that there are two governments in Pakistan. There is also a good chance that the new civilian government wants us to join hands with them in eradicating the ISI, which is the actual enemy and which is backed by the Pak military forces. But the point is, as long as the civilian government acts as a puppet in the hands of the ISI, we can’t talk of any peace process with them. Either they should take our help in eradicating terror camps there, or they should get ready to snap all diplomatic ties with us. Their media is going all over the place making outrageous remarks about the whole tragedy, terming it as a ‘drama staged by the Indian Army’ in order to point fingers at them and start a war!

    There is one more point I wanted to bring about here. The Indian Government wants Pakistan to send Dawood Ibrahim back to India- but why don’t they first seek to destroy his base HERE??! Everyone knows that all his operations are based in Mumbai. The extortion business in Mumbai works under his commands. So why are these people not arrested and interrogated?? Because there are Ministers from top to bottom who are involved in this, and whose survival thrives on the continuity of this business. This is the irony we are facing in our country now!!!

  15. i agree to all the points made by u….

    i agree they had intelligence, what i hear from the news, which is a excuse, that intellegence wasn’t passed on to state govt (though the fisherman head gave letter and tata had asked for higher security at taj.- now even he knew about it), and the centre says the info wasn’t specific enough to act.. thats crap.. i would like to c some more people being held responsible and being sacked.. topping the list the navy chief and IB head

    on a second thought terrorists after interrogation should be killed(not in public though).. coz if not then their jihadi brothers may just hijack a plane or kidnap some ministers daughter and set them free..

    till now nobody has been clearly held responsible in india.. no politician, no official no one… still the ball of blame is being passed around..
    ministers who have stepped down say they r not responsible, they r just taking moral responsibility.. as if showing their greatness..

    i agree tough stance needs to be taken, these elements survive and thrive b’coz of selfish political interests of ministers..

    i guess for now all v can do is hope for the best and keep this fire alive as long as possible..

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