Yippeeeee I Won!!!!!!


I guess this is how it feels to win an Oscar or a Filmfare for the very first time  8) ….the feeling of joy and ecstacy is unmatchable! 🙂

Oh btw, I’m referring to the Blog award I have received for  “The  Best  Travel  Post”  @ The  Avant  Garde  Bloggies  Awards.

Check out category 17 in the winners’ list here

And my award-winning post here

Finally, my baby made me proud  🙂   …..and this couldn’t have been possible without the support of all my friends who voted for me…Thank you ppl…love you all!!! 🙂
I’ll be sporting my victory badge on my sidebar so that it inspires me to write even better posts. CHEERS! 🙂


My Award! Wheeeeeeee 🙂


24 thoughts on “Yippeeeee I Won!!!!!!

  1. congratulations 🙂 what a trip that was!!!…and you’ve written it as if you are talking to the reader 🙂 no wonder it won the crown!!

  2. I voted! I voted! Eeee !! 😀
    Congratulations !!

    Oh, btw, why don’t you just have ALL the indiblogger badges on your sidebar?
    5 is too less a number you see !! 😛

  3. Thanks Priiiiiiii 😀

    Well…I’m just following numerology….I was told that I can handle only 5 girlfriends at a time, so only 5 badges 😀 😛

  4. hey congrats ( i am quite late but came to know about it the day results were declared)
    your oscar badge looks awesome 😆
    hope you keep up the good work 😛

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