Mission ‘e-nergISE’ accomplished!

Phew! After 1 entire month of data collection, creation of pages, uploading photos and doing everything that we would otherwise not have done, we finally launched our e-newsletter! I was quite relieved, as I did not have to pester my dear laptop anymore…

It all started on the 25th of March, when my friend and I had to give a hands-on training on Drupal…there was some problem with installing Drupal on the systems in the lab, so i had to do it in my laptop…and that started the trouble! Since the server was installed in my laptop now, any updation work had to be done on my laptop itself….and for that, i had to carry the damn thing everyday to college to show the work that has been done :(….

The worst part was when we finally got the hosting space…..we got to know that there was no means of transferring this huge amount of data directly on to the main server! So everything had to be done again….I was horrified!! I felt like all our efforts were flushed down the drain….but at least, everyone could now work simultaneously on the site, instead of all uploading work coming down to one person! However, the problem was that not many people knew how to use Drupal! My head was getting saturated with Home, About Us and Achievements….!!

The day before the official launch of the website was very eventful….one of our team-mates put a junior’s photo for everyone in the achievements list, and I could not help laughing, even at that moment of urgency! ( Later I got a chocolate for changing all the photos! πŸ˜› )….then at midnight, the site address was changes to include the ‘flash’ animation (which never came), and none of the links were opening…..i was at a loss for words….i wanted to cry, but could not….finally, everything was reverted back to the old address, and we decided to screw the flash!

The day I was waiting for finally arrived….everything went perfectly in the rehearsals, and we had a pretty clear idea of what to talk on….but as soon as the dignitaries entered, our ‘wickets’ seemed to fall in quick succession…..firstly, the server went down, and no matter what anyone tried to do to rectify, nothing seemed to happen…secondly, the projector decided not to function….after minutes of tension and a series of apologies from the anchor, the projector was finally fixed….we were told to show the back-up which was there in my laptop, as there was no other option; however, a few minutes later, the server was back in action, and the presentation went on smoothly….it was then that I realized that I was actually beginning to enjoy addressing large gatherings :-)…..everyone seemed to like our fruit of labour, and it was a very satisfying feeling when we got our Certificate of Merit at the end….!

Thus ended an eventful month, filled with excitement, frustration, anger…but mainly, a sense of Satisfaction :-)….now I know that I can create a website on my own! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Mission ‘e-nergISE’ accomplished!

  1. wow! an adventurous eventful month huh? an applause for being so brave on the final day:)

  2. i liked the launch event though everything has a silence to it now πŸ™‚
    keep up the good work !

    all our activities@halt due to the exams !

  3. yep….its a virtual full-stop during exams….orkut looks like a graveyard with me its gatekeeper πŸ˜€

  4. well not many did….but Mythili ma’am seems to have commented on all the good articles…including yours man….so don’t call it a big flop πŸ™‚

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