Pitch Reports…

Unix and System Programming :

Predictable pitch, not much of a variation or movement off the seam in the past few years, the ball tends to come on to the bat pretty nicely. Scores of 70 to 75 are possible…


Software Engineering :

Bowlers’ Paradise! Lots of bounce on the track, can make the batsman forget what shot to play :D…..green track, and if the bowlers are ready to bend their backs, can cause lots of problems to the batsmen. The batting team will consider itself lucky if it can cross 65!


Management Information Systems :

Looks hard on the surface, but can get slower as the game progresses. The ball won’t come on to the bat very easily in the later part, and spinners can make a big impact. 70 should be a challenging total on this pitch.


Computer Networks :

There is something for both, the bowlers as well as the batsmen. The ball can swing in the air and also move after pitching, so batsmen have to be careful during the initial overs; but its a rock solid pitch, and has a good bounce, so lots of pull shots can be played! An ideal score on this pitch would be around the 70-75 mark…


Multimedia Computing :

The greenest pitch ever! This can be a very low-scoring affair, as there is a lot of tennis-ball bounce on the track, and will help the seamers to aim at the batsmen’s rib-cages! Anything above 65 will be a bonus!


Probability, Statistics and Queuing :

One of the most ideal pitches for a batsman….there is nothing at all for the fast bowlers, and very little assistance for the spinners. Over all, a pretty placid track, and one can expect lots of runs to be scored on this pitch. Even 90 is on the cards!


7 thoughts on “Pitch Reports…

  1. I did not say I am getting it…I said its possible for the toppers to get that much…so obviously you’ll get it :D….

  2. hahaha so now i get the answer to all the riddles! hehe…niki man’s lustrous cricketing journal! :P..talk of use of internet! šŸ˜€ hehe
    Sexy man…actually good motivation šŸ™‚ fending off bouncers….

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