An Optimist’s Diary

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When your whole world seems to come to a stand-still,
Remember that every storm has its shore
Every problem has an open door…

The world is what you see it as,
Joys and sorrows each one has…
When you are surrounded by darkness to the core,
You will always find an open door…

They say every cloud has a silver lining,
Each day can be made bright and shining;
The key is to bring hope and optimism to the fore,
The key is to recognize the One open door…

2 thoughts on “An Optimist’s Diary

  1. Yeah! The key is to recognize the open door! When everything is lost the future still remains!

    I recall this quote/joke (not very relevant here though):

    Once a successful person was asked the secrets of his success. He said, “grab the opportunities, don’t let them go!”

    “Somebody asked him how do you know about the opportunity? How do you know when it comes?!”

    He said, “There is no way to know it! Just keep jumping all the time!” 😆

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