Final sem memories Part 2 – Farewell!

We were given an official farewell by our college on 15th May 2009, which ended up being more of a photoshoot for us. Our department farewell was held on 29th May, a day I’ll never forget, thanks to our juniors 🙂 ….Much of what I wanted to post about our farewell has already been described by Bhavana, so I’ll stick to my version of the experience, and also my Farewell Speech 😀

Bye Bye ISE :)

Bye Bye ISE 🙂

It began with a sumptous lunch, probably our last in college…..This was followed by the formal events which included princi and HOD’s talk and distribution of various certificates for excellence in academic and extra-curricular activities. 4 of us (a guy and a girl from each section) went on stage to talk about our experiences in college, and specially in the department. I was the first to speak, and here’s my speech 🙂

My farewell speech

My farewell speech

“3 years ago, when I got my branch change from Instrumentation to Information Science, I used to sit in class and ask myself WHY I took this step??! WHY I left the small pool which had all my dear friends and came to this huge ocean where I did not know anyone?? I had actually lost my way to my new class on the very first day, and told myself – NICK, if this is how your first day has gone, imagine how the next THREE YEARS will be! Will I make any friends here?? Will I find good project partners in final year?? Will I even SURVIVE till the end??!!!

I know, all this sounds very filmy, but this is exactly how I felt back then…..But as they say, whatever happens, happens for the good. Right from Stacks, Circular Queues and Friend Functions upto Inspections, Walkthroughs and Handovers, it has been a WONDERFUL experience 🙂 ! The kind of support and co-operation I got from all the faculty members at every stage has helped me a long way in becoming what I am today. I would like to thank each and every member of the teaching and the non-teaching staff for their extended help.

Being the Cultural and Literary Co-Ordinator of vo’ISE ( An acronym for Voice Of Information Science and Engineering) was something that really helped me develop my personality. Be it the Call for vo’ISE logo, or organizing the first ever TALENT SHOW and even hosting it, or developing the e-Newsletter website, each and every experience has been like a practical lesson that I got to learn; and all this could not have been possible without all my dear friends, each one of you sitting out there. All the fun we had helping each other during lab internals, the UNO games that we enjoyed so much during our “free-time”, the gola marathon in C-squared (our new canteen!), all the nonsense comments on each others’ status messages on Facebook, AND the great roller-coaster ride called P.R.O.J.E.C.T, everything will be imprinted in my memory for a long time to come………..

I also take this opportunity to thank all my juniors, especially the 6th sem juniors, because I feel they have been the sweetest batch I have come across. Hope your farewell is TEN TIMES as grand as ours is today, because you truly deserve it! All the best in all your endeavours in life!

I would like to conclude with my NIKKIMAN’s Thought For The Day, which is “Farewells are not something to be particularly sad about; its only when you move to a new place, will you meet new people, make new friends, have new experiences, make new mistakes, and learn new lessons!”
ALL THE BEST everyone. Have a nice evening. THANK YOU! “

After the farewell speeches, 4 more friends of mine gave away the mementos to all our teachers 🙂 ….this was followed by the juniors giving us our mementos, which included a notebook with our class photo on the cover page, and a cd which had a very touching video, and all the testimonials that we wrote for each other 🙂 ………

Memento given by our sweet juniors :)

Memento given by our sweet juniors 🙂

There were some more events, like the Mr. and Ms. ISE show, which was awesome fun to watch! One more set of fun awards followed, for people who had proven to be different from the rest in some way or the other….there were awards for the most talkative person, the stylish diva award, the Roadies survivor award, the Kit-Kit award, the late-comer award, and so on…..each person had to give an acceptance speech, in reply to the great two-liners that were dedicated to them by the hosts 😀 . I was awarded the LINE-MAN AWARD for my funny One-Liners, although I feel I could have got it for being a great flirt as well 😛 …..

My award....hee hee :)

My award....hee hee 🙂

After all these events, it was finally time for the seniors to hit the floor for the last time…..Chance pe dance was the name of the game for sometime 😀 ….

We also got our INFO-ROCKERS Sweatshirt immediately after the function. This shirt was very special to me, because I got to be part of the designing team and it was my one-liner that was printed on it 🙂 …The GOOGLE that you see below is made up of all our names 8)

Give a man the code, and he’ll use it for a day. Teach him how to code, and he’ll be in the LOOP forever!!

The design on the back of the sweatshirt

The design on the back of the sweatshirt

To end what has been a pretty long post, I would like to say that the last 4 years hav been an invaluable experience for me. I can’t imagine the number of friends I made in this mini-city called M.S.R.I.T, and now, I’ll be leaving many of them, hoping to see them as happy and as cheerful as they are now 🙂 …..Sayonara M.S.R.I.T …..will miss you for sure 🙂