Tum Se Hi…

She is the kernel of my mind’s operating system, the relationship schema of my heart’s database. Her radiating smile, her sparkling eyes, her simplicity…everything is so fresh in my primary memory! 🙂

I still remember our first meeting. It was on an auspicious day that we got to transfer audio data with each other for the first time. It took me only a small time period to realize that she was the resource my process was waiting for all my life, the one person who could get me out of my emotional deadlock…we both became friend classes, and pretty close ones at that! At one stage, I started to believe that maybe, we do share the same member functions! But no…life isn’t so rosy after all…everyone has their share of time and space complexities. Her transaction was not ready to commit, so I was forced to go into starvation.

But, being the techno-romantic that I am, I won’t give up so easily! I am pretty sure that one of these days, she will send a positive acknowledgement frame to my Automatic Repeat Request, and that will be the happiest day of my life!

This first post in my blog is dedicated to her 🙂