Politically Speaking….

For the last few days, my mind has been influenced a lot by the anti-government protests and the blame-game that was highlighted by the media. So much so that I can actually feel different parts of my brain acting out different roles inside. A brief excerpt of this is as follows-

Common man
– ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want action now! For the last 10 days, you have only been making promises of studying seriously and making elaborate plans to ‘finish off’ these terrorists (read subjects) which are emerging out of VTU. But no action has been taken so far !!

Politician– I know you are angry…but you must understand that we are doing our level best in ensuring the welfare of our country (by wasting huge amounts of time on Facebook), and we’ll see to it that these 6 terrorists meet the fate that they deserve.

Common man– I don’t believe you! You set out making plans of killing the terrorists, one on each day; but so far, none of them have even been touched, forget being eliminated! Isn’t this an intelligence failure on your part??!!!

Politician– My good friend, this is not at all an intelligence failure. We have been attacking all the terrorists right from day one. We have also sent out a strong statement to our enemy VTU to take steps to stop this torture immediately. Moreover, it is the opposition that has been creating problems by wasting a lot of resources on nefarious activities like Facebook, Orkut and WordPress! It is they who are to blame, not us.

Opposition leader (another part of the brain)
– We strongly condemn these allegations! If the government had acted strongly against these terrorists right from the beginning, Nikkiland wouldn’t have been in the kind of crisis it is today….we have always maintained that we’ll support the government in whatever positive action they take….If we come to power, we’ll make sure that stringent measures are taken to ensure that our land is restored of its peace.

Common man (not impressed)
– I think all of you suck! Corrupted to the core! Instead of blaming each other, if you had joined hands in fighting against these extremists, today atleast 3 subjects could have been killed. But now, they are still roaming around freely!!

(In comes a TV news reporter from yet another part of the brain!)
BREAKING NEWS!! We are now getting exclusive reports of a major gun battle between Jamaat-ud-Java and some commandos in the northern half of Dimaak-istan. There are also reports of widespread protests against VTU throughout the nation. That brings us to our question of the day. Will the government manage to exterminate these 6 terrorists completely within the next seven days?? Voice your opinions by typing VTU, followed by a space, your name and your message and send it to 420420. For more updates on all the happenings, tune in to TIMES HOW at 9 PM. Goodbye for now 🙂 “