Will you cross the skies for me?

I recently got to watch the Tamil movie Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa on my comp (without sub-titles! 😀 ). Directed by Gautam Menon, this movie is about a Hindu guy and a Christian girl falling in love with each other, and the confusion and difficulties they face in their lives from there on.

Will You Cross The Skies For Me? 🙂

The story is very slow, with very few characters apart from Simbu and Trisha, but the cinematography and locales, and awesome music by A R Rahman, more than make up for it. Simbu looks very decent for a change, and Trisha looks prettier than ever! 🙂 …

There are a few songs from the movie which are my personal favourites :

Omana Penne : Sung by Benny Dayal and Kalyani Menon, this song reflects the feelings of a new love emerging in one’s heart. It is fresh and lively, thanks to Benny Dayal (of ‘Pappu can’t Dance Saala’ fame)

Kannukkul Kannai : Sung by Naresh Iyer, this song revolves around the wait that a guy goes through when he has proposed to his lady-love. Very hip-hop type, and great dancing by Simbu!

Mannipaaya : Sung by the legendary A. R. Rahman and Shreya Ghoshal, this is one of the most melodious songs of recent times. Soft and soothing, Shreya Ghoshal continues to charm with her magical voice 🙂

Anbil Avan : A very rocking number sung by Devan Ekhambaram and Chinmayi. The tune makes you feel like you are inside a church, attending a marriage 🙂

There are other songs as well, like Aaromale, Hosanna and the title track itself, which enhance the otherwise dull storyline. My suggestion is that you should watch this movie atleast once, for the brilliant music, fantastic cinematography, and for the ever-so-gorgeous Trisha! 🙂



If there’s any movie I’m looking forward to watching this year, it is GHAJINI…!! I have seen the original movie(s) in Tamil and Telugu, and also ‘Memento’, from which it has been inspired- but the Hindi movie promises to be different in its own way. Aamir Khan looks very impressive in his new look (what muscles man!!)…Asin is as cute as ever (My latest crush 🙂 …if I were a few inches shorter, I would have imagined myself in this song below 😀 ) ….but the most striking feature of the movie is……..its MUSIC! 🙂 ….although Harris Jayraj has done a great job in the southern versions of Ghajini, the flavour which A R Rahman brings in here is truly unmatchable.

Here’s a trailer from Ghajini…

And here is a song from the Tamil equivalent, featuring Surya and Asin….was one of my favourites for quite some time 🙂

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