Blissful rain… :)

Sound of rain on the earth,

Every drop a pearl’s worth…

The fresh aroma of soil so wet

Live this moment, or you’ll regret! 🙂


A Final Goodbye…

A little late, but this is dedicated to my alma mater, TAPMI 🙂


A great journey, spanning two long years

Brought us many a joy, with a few tears..

What started as a dull and lousy day,

Has now ended in a real grand way.

Friends we made, along the steep path

Difficult it is now, for us to stay apart..

All those lectures we tried listening to

We will now miss (Oh yes! It’s true. 🙂 )

Love, heart-break and madness in bits

Did leave us all in really high ‘spirits’!

We part from here, letting bygones be,

Bidding a final goodbye to Life @ TAPMI… 🙂

A Question…

Pouring down like drops of rain, you came
A glance of yours made me ask your name
O! The one laughing like a flower
Your beauty seems to have a lot of power
To walk with you, my legs plead me
To talk to you, my heart leads me
Silently, when often to myself I speak
Your thoughts seem to reach their peak
Oh my beloved, I ask of thee
Will you spend your life with me?

You & I, In This Beautiful World … :)

When I had not seen you here
When I had found something amiss,
Nothing seemed to be clear
Nothing ever was like this…
But now I realize, my dear
How beautiful life is! 🙂

What do I name this feeling as?
How do I calm my restless heart?
You seem to appear everywhere
And always blow my senses apart…
Your thought takes me to a new world
Where there is no end, and no start…

I’ll forget all my worries
And put an end to my fears
Your one look fills me with joy
All I want is for you to be near…
With you around, life is like a dream
Filled with happiness and cheer! 🙂


My mind has been context switching from good mood to extremely good mood to bad mood to pensive mood for quite sometime now. I have been talking crap most of the time , and I’m sure I have eaten many a head with my silly one-liners! ( To all those who are already bugged of my crap-talk, I would like to tell you that I’ll continue to eat your head! MUHAHAHAHA  😎   ) ….but on a more serious note, I am beginning to understand that life, on the whole, is a positive experience. Shit happens sometimes, but there are also other times when you feel that you are on top of the world….every single day teaches you something, if you are willing to learn. When I look back at my past now, I feel life could not have shaped up more perfectly; because an imperfect life is the most perfect one! 🙂 …I don’t have any regrets, nor am I ashamed of anything, as I used to be earlier. Just want to keep a positive attitude throughout, so that I can enjoy each moment of this wonderful journey 🙂

The Mask….

Amit was the life of 10 ‘B’ ….total fun, very enthusiastic, always willing to help his friends, and most importantly, someone who was always very happy! His jokes used to send his classmates into riots of laughter, and one could easily say that he was the most amicable person in class. Not to be left behind in studies, he was one of the class toppers as well, and also the teacher’s pet…….but  who can fight time and fate?  Amit lost his mother in an accident….the very person who was his moral support throughout his life , who had always inspired him to excel in whatever he did, and guided him in difficult situations, was now no more.  It took Amit some time for the news to actually sink in, and when it did, he felt like a part of him had also died….he seemed to be gradually losing interest in his life…..he was also not a person who would share his innermost feelings with anyone. So Amit decided to keep all his sorrows buried in his heart, and put on a mask, pretending to be normal again. It was back to being the same-old enthu Amit, the Amit who could bring a smile on virtually anyone’s face with his funny one-liners and witty remarks! …he appeared more jolly than ever, and seemed to be in total control of the situation…..his face was smiling, but his heart was still crying…he did not allow anyone to look into his heart and find out what was there inside….sadly, he got used to wearing this mask on his face, so much so that after 10 years, when his girlfriend got married to someone else, he did not shed a single tear or show any signs of frustration…..The mask had become a very part of his existence……….

There are many Amits amidst us, who are hiding themselves behind an alibi of emotions. But, as in this case, most of them go unnoticed………..