New Day, New Life… Part 2 – EPISODE MANIA!


“Hippppieeees, HIPPIES!”




…these were the phrases we heard all day for almost a week in the canteen, prior to 13th July. The seniors were wearing shades of Blue, Red, White, and Black, and chanting slogans feverishly! They seemed to be on a mission, out there to prove a point. Come July 13th, and we all became a part of this extravaganza…EPISODE MANIA had taken over, and we brought back magic from the Realms of Time…

EPISODE is an annual intra-collegiate fest held at TAPMI, to serve the purpose of senior-junior bonding, and to inculcate the quality of teamwork among the new batch. This year, we were divided into 4 different teams, namely:
Hippies (Team Blue)
Pirates (Team Red)
4-D (Team White)
Mafia (Team Black)

One day before Episode kicked off, the seniors from the respective teams put up their inaugural skits, which was liked by all. This was immediately followed by allocating each of us into one of the 4 teams. I had a liking for the colour Red, so was very happy when I came to know that I was a part of the Pirate team!

The new PIRATES!

The first day of Episode had some of the literary events like Wordsworth (Poetry Recitation) and Kurukshetra (Debate competition). But the major event for the day was the Poster making competition, which involved all the junior members of each team, with the seniors pitching in regularly. This was the event that helped all of us really break the ice, as we got to talk to a lot of people and the spirit of working as a collective unit came to the fore!

The PIRATES making the poster

The following days saw a lot of events, some of them being the Fashion Show, Street-Play, Dance, Ad-Zap, Blogging Competition, Creative Writing, Exchange and HR Fora (2 personality-based events). All teams began pushing themselves up the points table, but team PIRATES somehow seemed to be lagging behind. There were only two big events with big points left on the last two days- Dream Theme and Valedictory, and one good day could seal it for any of the 4 teams…

During the Fashion Show dress rehearsals

It was then that the lead PIRATES decided to take a Risk… They put a LOTTERY on the Dream Theme, which was a singing competition where the entire song has to be composed by the group members, and the song should be sung by the entire group. Putting a lottery meant that if we won the event, we would get double the points awarded for it, and losing would mean we forfeit half of all the points that we have gained so far… so we decided to go for it, and put in all our passion and Enthusiasm behind our very own TAPMI Theme song…

And voila! We WON the LOTTERY! The first team in the history of TAPMI to have won a lottery! And what’s more, we jumped from 4th place straight to 2nd place!

Pirates’ Lottery-Winning Theme Song!

But things turned around during the Valedictory function. Team 4-D also put a lottery on the ultimate show-down, and thanks to some brilliant performances, deservedly won it, thus becoming the Champions of Episode 2010 🙂 ….

Whoever was the winner of the Fest, it was the spirit of TAPMI that shone at the end of the day. Looking forward to being a part of EPISODE MANIA all over again! 🙂

Senie Pirates!
Junie Pirates!
Samundar Ke Hain Raja Hum, Bajaa Denge Sabka Baaja Hum!

The Mask….

Amit was the life of 10 ‘B’ ….total fun, very enthusiastic, always willing to help his friends, and most importantly, someone who was always very happy! His jokes used to send his classmates into riots of laughter, and one could easily say that he was the most amicable person in class. Not to be left behind in studies, he was one of the class toppers as well, and also the teacher’s pet…….but  who can fight time and fate?  Amit lost his mother in an accident….the very person who was his moral support throughout his life , who had always inspired him to excel in whatever he did, and guided him in difficult situations, was now no more.  It took Amit some time for the news to actually sink in, and when it did, he felt like a part of him had also died….he seemed to be gradually losing interest in his life…..he was also not a person who would share his innermost feelings with anyone. So Amit decided to keep all his sorrows buried in his heart, and put on a mask, pretending to be normal again. It was back to being the same-old enthu Amit, the Amit who could bring a smile on virtually anyone’s face with his funny one-liners and witty remarks! …he appeared more jolly than ever, and seemed to be in total control of the situation…..his face was smiling, but his heart was still crying…he did not allow anyone to look into his heart and find out what was there inside….sadly, he got used to wearing this mask on his face, so much so that after 10 years, when his girlfriend got married to someone else, he did not shed a single tear or show any signs of frustration…..The mask had become a very part of his existence……….

There are many Amits amidst us, who are hiding themselves behind an alibi of emotions. But, as in this case, most of them go unnoticed………..