Looking for an answer…

When oft to myself I speak

Within the realms of my mind..

An answer is all that I seek

To all questions in me confined..


Speak Up!

Abhishek came back home at 11.30 PM, totally exhausted. He was having a bad time at work. He had been working from 8 in the morning for the last 9 months on a critical support project. His PM had earlier told him that he had to put in a lot more effort than what he was putting in now, in order to sustain in the company; but Abhishek could not understand how much more hard work was expected out of him.
Once he reached home, Abhishek had a quick dinner and went off to sleep; his mother tried to strike a conversation with him while he was eating, but Abhishek was way too tired to even respond. He went back to his room and opened the resignation letter that he had written a month back, and which he felt like submitting to his PM every single day…

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MIND Games!

Karthik, the proverbial loser, would have passed his life unnoticed but for the phone call which changed his life one early morn. The caller, also calling himself Karthik, teaches our hero how to get the top job, the hot chick, the happening life, until our hero angers him…Is it downhill after that?

Well, I got to watch Karthik calling Karthik recently, and was very intrigued by the various facets of the mind that were shown in the movie. Based on a little research, I’m listing out the important states of the mind, and how they can influence the way we think.

Conscious State : Our conscious mind resides in the cerebral cortex, and is the area used for logical thinking. When we are in the conscious state, our mind tends to take logical decisions, and differentiates between what is possible and what is practically impossible. This conscious state is also known as the Beta state, and we spend most of our waking hours in this state. Our brain radiates certain waves (13 cycles per second or higher) when we are thinking, reasoning or engaging in problem solving.

To give an example, let us consider a student who is preparing for a challenging exam like CAT. It is his conscious mind that tells him that he has been an average student all his life, and that it is practically impossible for him to bell the CAT!

Sub-Conscious State : Our subconscious mind is located in the primitive parts of our brain, i.e., the medulla oblongata and the limbic system. The sub-conscious state is also known as the Alpha state, and our brain now radiates waves ranging between 8 and 13 cycles per second. Our subconscious cannot distinguish between thoughts that are created by external events (reality) or imaginary events. If we can begin to imagine that we are filled with a lot of confidence, our sub-conscious will accept that as true. At the same time, if we imagine a lot of negativity, our sub-conscious ming will accept that as the truth as well.

Therefore, if we take the example of the student again, he has the power to imagine that he has enough aptitude to bell the CAT, and to pursue his dreams. With repeated self-instructions in the alpha state, the student begins to believe sub-consciously that he has the confidence to reach his goals, and will automatically start taking steps towards it.

THAT is the power of the sub-conscious mind!

Unconscious State : The unconscious mind is the source of night dreams and automatic and random thoughts, i,e., those thoughts that appear without any apparent cause. It is the store-house of all the memories that have been forgotten, but may still be accessible to consciousness at some later time. The Theta state (between 4 to 8 cycles per second), the dream state, and the Delta state (below four cycles per second), characterize the unconscious mind. When we are just going to sleep but not yet asleep, or just awakening but not yet completely awake, we are usually in the theta state, and when we are in deep sleep, we are in the delta state.

One example of the operation of the unconscious mind is the when the same student does not get the right approach to solve a particular problem, and suddenly, a bulb glows somewhere that provides a solution. A similar phenomenon happens when we try hard to remember something, but when we stop thinking about it, the data that we were looking for is retrieved in a flash!

The power of the human mind is unthinkable. It is up to us to train it in such a way that we can achieve all our goals and lead a good life, or to fill our lives with a lot of negativity.

Personal Development

States of the mind


Politically Speaking….

For the last few days, my mind has been influenced a lot by the anti-government protests and the blame-game that was highlighted by the media. So much so that I can actually feel different parts of my brain acting out different roles inside. A brief excerpt of this is as follows-

Common man
– ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want action now! For the last 10 days, you have only been making promises of studying seriously and making elaborate plans to ‘finish off’ these terrorists (read subjects) which are emerging out of VTU. But no action has been taken so far !!

Politician– I know you are angry…but you must understand that we are doing our level best in ensuring the welfare of our country (by wasting huge amounts of time on Facebook), and we’ll see to it that these 6 terrorists meet the fate that they deserve.

Common man– I don’t believe you! You set out making plans of killing the terrorists, one on each day; but so far, none of them have even been touched, forget being eliminated! Isn’t this an intelligence failure on your part??!!!

Politician– My good friend, this is not at all an intelligence failure. We have been attacking all the terrorists right from day one. We have also sent out a strong statement to our enemy VTU to take steps to stop this torture immediately. Moreover, it is the opposition that has been creating problems by wasting a lot of resources on nefarious activities like Facebook, Orkut and WordPress! It is they who are to blame, not us.

Opposition leader (another part of the brain)
– We strongly condemn these allegations! If the government had acted strongly against these terrorists right from the beginning, Nikkiland wouldn’t have been in the kind of crisis it is today….we have always maintained that we’ll support the government in whatever positive action they take….If we come to power, we’ll make sure that stringent measures are taken to ensure that our land is restored of its peace.

Common man (not impressed)
– I think all of you suck! Corrupted to the core! Instead of blaming each other, if you had joined hands in fighting against these extremists, today atleast 3 subjects could have been killed. But now, they are still roaming around freely!!

(In comes a TV news reporter from yet another part of the brain!)
BREAKING NEWS!! We are now getting exclusive reports of a major gun battle between Jamaat-ud-Java and some commandos in the northern half of Dimaak-istan. There are also reports of widespread protests against VTU throughout the nation. That brings us to our question of the day. Will the government manage to exterminate these 6 terrorists completely within the next seven days?? Voice your opinions by typing VTU, followed by a space, your name and your message and send it to 420420. For more updates on all the happenings, tune in to TIMES HOW at 9 PM. Goodbye for now 🙂 “

10 Ways To De-clutter Your Mind

Let me begin by asking a question…what do you do when your comp is loaded with unwanted software, and your memory is choking up? There are quite a few solutions- you can delete many programs which are not so useful to you, run a disk clean-up to free up some memory, or just use an external hard drive! Our mind works in the same way…over the years, we would have accumulated so many thoughts and memories in our mind, that it might be causing problems in our daily lives…hence, it is necessary to periodically de-clutter the mind, so that we don’t keep carrying the burden in our head 🙂

Here are some ways of de-cluttering the mind which I found after searching a bit…thought of sharing it with everyone :-

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