RCB !!!!

This post is dedicated to the team that was virtually written off right from the beginning of the IPL, upto the semi-finals; the Royal Challengers Bangalore are NOW in the FINALS of the DLF Indian Premier League!!!! šŸ™‚ They’ll face the Deccan Chargers, who had finished last in the first edition of the IPL. Who would have EVER imagined the bottom two of the first IPL, battling against each other in the mega-final of the second edition??! Whoever wins from now, HATS OFF to both the teams! šŸ™‚ ….you have shown the world what you are really capable of doing. My heart still beats passionately for RCB though. šŸ™‚



Mistakes, mistakes, and more mistakes!

Well…..5000 hits and I’m back again! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ….life has been pretty good in the new year……a LOT of things have changed, and changed for good! :)….I also managed to catch up with a book called “The 3 mistakes of my Life” by Chetan Bhagat. I have always liked the way Chetan Bhagat writes. The characterization in his novels is very realistic, and the element of humour that he brings in makes for some interesting reading!


This book is about a young boy named Govind Patel, who hails from Ahmedabad. He is shown to be a mathematical genius, who takes maths tuitions to support his mother’s snacks business. Govind is passionate about starting his own business one day, for which he involves his two friends, Omi and Ishaan. Omi is the son of a local priest, and is supposed to be a dull-head. His uncle Bittoo mama belongs to a communal party, and despises Govind for being an antagonist. Ishaan, or Ish as he’s called by everyone, is from a slightly more well-to-do family, and is extremely passionate about cricket. He used to be a champion player in school, and is quite proud of that, but he is not in good terms with his father after having run away from military training. It takes Govind some effort to convince his friends about starting a cricket shop outside Omi’s temple, which is ultimately christened as “Team India Cricket Shop”.

Everything goes well for the Team India Cricket Shop in the beginning…..they begin to make profits very soon, and little kids come to Ish for some free cricket coaching. Ish finds a really talented ‘student’ in Ali, a 12 year old kid who has the extraordinary gift of hitting sixes at will! But things go horribly wrong when nature plays spoilsport, and the 3 budding entrepreneurs now have to face an uphill task of having to rebuild everything. When things start improving, communal riots and hardcore politics make their lives even tougher.

The author manages to bring out the dark realities that exist in Indian society. By referring to real life incidents which took place in Gujarat between 1999 and 2002, he is able to convince the reader that this book is more than just mere fiction. It is a reflection of life during, possibly, India’s worst encounter with communal riots and earthquakes. All characters are life-like, and its quite possible that you will be able to relate to one of them! The love story between Govind and Vidya (who happens to be Ishaan’s younger sister and Govind’s student!) looks a little filmy- but its cute nonetheless šŸ™‚ ….especially the conversation between Govind and Vidya over the phone, when he goes to Australia for Ali’s training.

There are many slack points in the book too. For starters, the whole trip to Australia part is dragged a lot, just to show how much Govind and Vidya miss each other. Also, the climax seems way too dramatic and overboard. The third mistake is also far from convincing. Inspite of all this, “The 3 mistakes…” is one book you would not want to miss! šŸ™‚ ….Chetan Bhagat has once again proved why he is the “biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s History“! šŸ˜Ž

Christmas Tag!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! May Santa fulfill all your wishes and give you all the gifts that you were hoping to get šŸ˜€ …I have been having exams now, and got a break of 4 days due to the postponement of one of them. So I thought this is the best time to finish some of my pending activities šŸ™‚ …Arpit tagged me for this alphabet tag with the letter ā€œSā€. I have to list the first 10 words which struck my mind starting with “S” ….so here I go šŸ˜€

  • Sachin Tendulkar– He is THE God of Cricket 8)

  • Saathiyaaaa! – My favourite favourite song!!! šŸ˜€

  • Shimla– The Queen Of Hills 8) …breath-taking place!

  • Scorpio– My Zodiac. Beware… I might just sting you 8) šŸ˜›

  • Sandeep Unnikrishnan– A true Hero. We all salute you……….

  • Switzerland– Would love to visit this place again šŸ™‚

  • Sonu Nigam– My favourite singer who also sang my fav song!

  • Sundae– Double triple, anything! Can eat them even when its freezing outside šŸ˜€

  • Smart– ME 8) šŸ˜€

  • SwatKats– One of my favourite cartoon shows šŸ™‚

    Anyone who wants to do this tag can let me know in the comment box…I’ll assign a letter to you šŸ™‚ ….HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all those who do have holidays now! šŸ˜€

  • My first tag!

    Swat tagged me to come up with some of my quirks. So here I go, making my tag debut šŸ™‚

    1.)Ā  I always tend to link things and events with cricket or with some ‘tech’ stuff i listen hear in class. So, most of the time you’ll find me getting off the mark with why some process is not making remote procedure calls to another process, or why one friend function is always bowling bouncers at me everyday, inspite of the pitch being conducive for batting šŸ˜€

    2.)Ā  If I go to a new place at night, I can’t find my way to the same place during daytime (and vice versa)…good that I’m not a sailor or a pilot.

    3.)Ā  Of late, I have become very moody. I remember a day when I cried for a long time due to something, and within seconds, I was back to normal! Dunno how it works, but hey, its one of my quirks (rhymes, doesn’t it?! So that is my next point šŸ˜› )

    4.)Ā  Again, of late, I have been writing 4-liner poems which go to every single friend’s message inbox ( I don’t care if I’m bugging them or not, just want to keep showcasing my ‘literary talent’ šŸ˜€ )

    5.)Ā  I am regularly irregular- don’t remember when was the last time I reached any place on time (maybe in kindergarten) …now in college, I always reach early for the second class.

    6.)Ā  I can come up with some of the most innovative PJ’s…sometimes people actually feel like laughing at them! šŸ˜€ …hehe

    I would like to tag Sri , Ashwin , Bhavana and Hari.

    Pitch Reports…

    Unix and System Programming :

    Predictable pitch, not much of a variation or movement off the seam in the past few years, the ball tends to come on to the bat pretty nicely. Scores of 70 to 75 are possible…


    Software Engineering :

    Bowlers’ Paradise! Lots of bounce on the track, can make the batsman forget what shot to play :D…..green track, and if the bowlers are ready to bend their backs, can cause lots of problems to the batsmen. The batting team will consider itself lucky if it can cross 65!


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