New Day, New Life… Part 1


This post is special to me in many ways….

  • Firstly, it is my 50th Post πŸ™‚ …took some time to reach this milestone 😎
  • Secondly, July 13th marked a year since I entered the portals of Infosys. Although I am not a part of Infy anymore, I felt good to relive those memories of July again.
  • Thirdly, its my first post after coming to TAPMI πŸ™‚ … had been wanting to write since a long time now, but was held up by many other ‘constraints’ πŸ˜€

I reached TAPMI on the evening of June 30th, very apprehensive about where my life was headed. Staying away from home for a long time again was what I had been preparing myself for, but it looked a bigger challenge after stepping into the campus. My roomie had not yet arrived, so I has the whole room to myself for a day πŸ™‚ …

We were called for a meeting by the seniors at 9.30 PM, immediately after dinner, as they wanted to brief us about the important rules in college. We were also divided into groups and told to perform certain events for a cultural show that was to be held 2 days later, immediately after the formal induction program. I had mentioned Dramatics as my area of interest, so I became a part of a random group of 9 people, most of whom later went on to be my closest friends in college πŸ™‚

The 9 of us decided to sit in one of our rooms and brainstorm on the idea for the play… After a lot of thought, we got an initial draft ready which we discussed with our senie in-charge during the ‘interactive’ session in the senies’ hostel block πŸ˜€ (I guess the whole aim of this was to make us understand that there is nothing called day and night at TAPMI!). It was 2 am when we decided to call it a day, since most of us were tired after a long journey from our respective places. We decided to meet after the induction program tomorrow to start practising for the skit.

On the first day of the induction, we had to collect the schedule for the 2-week orientation and get our photos clicked for the college ID. The induction program was just like how a formal function would be. We had chief guests from different domains speaking to us about the importance of management education. We also had people from KMC coming over and talking about the Medicare facilities that we can avail, and certain important health aspects that we should take care of while in Manipal.

After the program got over, our team met to start practising. We had prepared a funny theme of a B school admitting famous people during the recession times, and we kept improvising on it as more people pitched in… My roomie Ajit had also arrived by then, and he fitted into the play at the last moment. There were 3 skits scheduled in the half hour slot, and ours looked the sloppiest during the rehearsals… but what actually happened during the actual show was beyond our imagination…. πŸ™‚

Here’s the video of our final skit during the cultural show!

The cultural show also exhibited the musical and dancing skills of the new batch, and was an instant hit with the senies and the faculty alike! But immediately after the show, one of the lecturers gave us a very ‘pleasant’ surprise! We were told that we have an IT quiz in 1 hour, and as was the case, none of us were prepared for it…. but that’s how life is – Things come unexpected, and we have to learn how to deal with them πŸ™‚

The next part of the series will come up soon, in my 51st post πŸ˜€ … lots to write about, but now I have a case to read!


7 thoughts on “New Day, New Life… Part 1

  1. Looking forward to your 51st post.. Hope you complete reading the case notes quick πŸ™‚

  2. cool .. reminds me of the first 2 days , the induction prog!!! the play gained a lot of support from ordians .. infact Nikhil is better known as the facebook guy now πŸ™‚

  3. Sumit – Thanks bro πŸ™‚ …you set the tone for the skit with your awesome intro πŸ˜‰

    Sri – Thank youuuu πŸ™‚ … life is unpredictable at all times…

    Priya- Yep.. fun, with loads of work πŸ˜€ …

    Aravind – Thanks πŸ˜€ … done with the case, got a dozen more assignments today πŸ˜‰

    Ajit – Thanks roomie aka ‘Mr. Khan’ πŸ˜‰ …the induction was actually a lot of fun!

  4. nice one man. looking fwd to ur 51st post and getting into a bschool. Loooks like lots of heavy duty stuff to do πŸ™‚

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