You & I, In This Beautiful World … :)

When I had not seen you here
When I had found something amiss,
Nothing seemed to be clear
Nothing ever was like this…
But now I realize, my dear
How beautiful life is! 🙂

What do I name this feeling as?
How do I calm my restless heart?
You seem to appear everywhere
And always blow my senses apart…
Your thought takes me to a new world
Where there is no end, and no start…

I’ll forget all my worries
And put an end to my fears
Your one look fills me with joy
All I want is for you to be near…
With you around, life is like a dream
Filled with happiness and cheer! 🙂

8 thoughts on “You & I, In This Beautiful World … :)

  1. slpmartin – Thanks 🙂 … and welcome to Nikipedia! 🙂

    Sri – Thanks a lot! 🙂

    Satya ma’am – hehe yea… the other side of me 😀

    Priya – Thank you! BTW, I don’t understand Tamil/Malayalam 😛

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