1 Year on Blog-o-sphere



December 22nd, 2007…..this was the date on which I penned down my first ever post on Blogspot, dedicated to someone….Its been a year and a bit since then, and I have shifted from Blogspot to the more exciting WordPress……a lot of things happened in this one year…….situations changed, people changed…even I changed in many ways. I also happened to make quite a few new friends here in this period. This post is dedicated to all of them 🙂 …May this New Year bring in a lot of happiness and prosperity in all your lives. CHEERS! 🙂

P.S- Keep Visiting NIKIPEDIA and responding with all your valuable comments and suggestions. 🙂


32 thoughts on “1 Year on Blog-o-sphere

  1. LoL..! You got a post on it!! 😆

    Congratss!! Keep Blogging Good!! 🙂
    22nd December – A special day for u on WordPress & me on this planet 😛

    (Seems like I’ve been on WordPress for the entire day today 😉 )

  2. Swat- Thanks! 🙂

    Ambika- Hehe….yep…Thanks! Belated wishes to you again 😀
    Actually a special day for me on blogosphere, coz I started with Blogspot…. imported all my posts to WordPress only much later…. 🙂 …

  3. Haha.. What Observation..! 😛

    (I love the “Comment thread” feature on WordPress.. I never miss any of the replies 😉 )

    N.B. : Every blog on WordPress seems to have a Snowfall, other than mine of course.. 😐

  4. Yohooo!! Awesome ‘nikkiman’!! 😛
    One year and so many posts already!!
    And why this header? 😮

    @ Amibka – Hey, you’ve got to activate it for it to work! Check out the ‘tools>extras’ in your dashboard!

  5. Hey even you can get snowfall on your blog…
    Go to
    Appearances –>Extras and enable snowfall….its available only for another week though 😀

  6. @Priya- Tankoo…..actually this is pretty less for one year 😀 😛

    And the header….chumma……loved it 😛 …Queen’s necklace looks awesome at night 🙂

  7. 😦 I missed the entire winter on my Blog 😦 That’s bad.. it should’ve been Automatic… 😡

    But, @ Nick & Priya – Thanks a lottt!!!! 😀 Else I would’ve missed the last few days as well!! 🙂

  8. Automatic?? Haha! No way!! I don’t have it coz I din like it for my blog…
    You enjoy the last few days!! Happy New Year!

  9. nice header! refreshing 😛
    and congratulations and hope you keep on writing wonderful post 😀
    ans wish you too a happy new year……….and i hope you crack the cat ! 😛 ( besides when are the results going to be out )

  10. Arpit- Thanks 🙂 …CAT results next year 😀 …hehe…Jan 9th I guess….not too far away 🙂

    Manushi- Thank you….You have a great year as well 🙂

    btw, are you in India?? Your comment was posted at 3.53 AM IST !!! 😮 😮

  11. congrats nikkiman 🙂 always rem,change is for good ! so you changed,situations changed,everything just happened for the best 🙂 bestest wishes from me !

  12. Hey you got a FavIcon..!! That’s really Cool..!!

    You know the height of dumbness?? – I have a FavIcon created, but don’t know how to put it up there :p

    Nyways.. Happy New Year!! Enjoy!

  13. Megs- Thank you so much! 🙂

    Ambika- hehehe….go to Settings—> General and upload your Favicon there…Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  14. Isn’t that setting for uploading a Blog pic..??? A FavIcon..?? 😐
    First the Blog winter.. now this.. never mind.. Thanks a lot anyways..!! 😐

    Awaiting your next post..! 😀

  15. The setting for uploading your blog pic (Or Gravatar as it is called) is under the Edit Profile option you see on the top left of your blog page….even I din know that they were 2 different options, but I see 2 different photos of mine now 😀 …..

    I’m working on my next post ….will be out soon 😛 😀

  16. Hey THANKS.. for the 3rd.. 4th… whatever time!! 😛
    I have no idea where the “BLAVATAR” would finally show up. But that’s cheating!! My original FavIcon was a Marquee.. 😦

    Anyways.. Thanks a lot again!! 🙂

  17. Madhavi – Hey thanks! And welcome to Nikipedia 🙂

    Amit– Thanks buddy! Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  18. i got a favicon too now ! yay 🙂 btw u shud have put the number of hits also ,the dashboard screen shot doesnt show tat 🙂

  19. Meg- The number of hits per day is a trade secret 😀

    Arpit- Got 94 percentile man 🙂 …was busy with training and applications etc …

    Harsh- Thanks! Welcome to Nikipedia 🙂

    Bhav- Thanks ya 🙂

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