26 thoughts on “Nikhil’s Law Of Exponential Interests

  1. Rofl!!
    Believe me, its not just with Engineering. I am doing my C.A., and the line’s dropped below the x-axis, looong back!!
    Thankfully, the least I’ve learnt is to analyse such graphs 😉

    Btw, I added u on my Mental Blogroll!! 😛

    See you here

  2. Haha…I guess recession can be seen everywhere now 😛 …..

    I’ve added you on my existing Blogroll as well 😀

  3. When I tried to plot the graph, it said, ‘No potential slope will be obtained as the plottings are abnormally at origin’.

  4. Hahaha nice! 🙂 So you have been travelling along the X axis all along…..but who knows, it might be the inverse of mine 😀

  5. so earlier it was parallel to x-axis and now it is sloping downwards ……oh thats not a problem …its just the recession period…….recovery and boom will follow soon……( could explain it economics way).all the best 😛

  6. Arpit- Thanks….Recession alright. Recovery and boom will take time, if and when I bother to do something about it! 😀

    BTW, I added you to my blogroll 🙂

  7. oh yes , you see growth is a slow and a continuous process 🙂
    besides thanks for adding me …have already added you to mine 😛

  8. lucky that x-axis is finite! If not, my curve would have been in the imaginary part of the complex domain.. then u need to plot the mag response and its argument!! lol…:-)

  9. i can define a function as well
    f(x)={ 1 0<x<4
    exp(-ax) 5<x<8
    where ‘a’ is a constant.

  10. hehe.. i only meant u needed to plot the modulus part and the angle part..too technical.. chuck it..

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