I guess there is no point in being good to everyone. The world will only stamp on you and use you as a doormat. Every single person out there just works for his or her own benefit, even if its at the cost of someone else’s happiness- and in many cases, it includes your ‘closest of friends’, if such people can be called friends in the first place……… The more you try to be good to everyone around you, the more you’ll be taken for granted. So I think the best way to avoid getting hurt is to be totally insensitive to others’ needs, be totally heartless, extremely selfish, and show how thick-skinned you can get!

Naaah!!  Its always nicer to be a good person at heart. The world is anyway filled with a bunch of selfish losers, and some like us are destined NOT to be one among them!  🙂

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  1. Its good to be thick-skinned though, if not now…life will eventually teach us all 🙂

  2. ur post perfectly reflects my present state of mind.. except the last part of the first para [being insensitive etc etc].. if the victimised also become selfish then there’s no fundamental difference betw them and the selfish..

  3. @Ashwin- the last statement of the first para was not what I intend the victimized person to be……it was more like an anti-climax, to bring out the essence of the last line of the post 🙂

  4. hey great post! the conflict of the inner voices! i go through it like a million times:-) the climax has emerged well 🙂

    but in the process of life, people around you ‘ll somehow hurt you or affect u so much that we do become a lil thick skinned even without realizing it.

  5. @sri – thanks 🙂 …
    I agree…even Shankar reflected the same point….i guess life teaches valuable lessons at every stage…sometimes its good to show that you are a tough nut to crack, so that ppl don’t walk all over you.

    @amit – heh heh 🙂 ….I was quite pissed off when I started writing the post, but came back to normal even before i could reach the end 🙂

  6. Just take life as it comes! Either accept the system as it is or chuck out of it for ur own better good because we cannot revolt against the system! The system in this case is the world n the ppl in it.

  7. If you take the world and the ppl in it as a system, then the only way you can chuck yourself out of it is by renouncing this world! 🙂 …yea i guess taking life as it comes and learning from the various experiences it throws at you is the most sensible thing to do…

  8. There will always be jerks, assholes and morons everywhere.. If we also act like them, what’s the difference between them and us, right? 🙂

  9. dude u contradicted yourself at the end. No issues, but still it is a very practical thought that no one is born to be a doormat for others to come and wipe their feet…

  10. @Dev – I purposely changed the ending because i wanted it to be an anti-climax.
    Anyway, welcome to Nikipedia. Do keep visiting!

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