13th September, 2008 – Serial bomb blasts maim the national capital

26th July, 2008 – 17 bomb blasts rip Ahmedabad apart

25th July, 2008 – 9 bomb blasts shock the otherwise peaceful IT capital

The list goes  on……..

Its really sad that such news has become so common……everyday we see so many people dying, so many more grieving over the loss of their loved ones…..(a valiant policeman was also killed in a well-planned encounter a couple of days back)…all thanks to the evil demeanor of some self-centred miscreants, who want to spread fear in our country  …and I question myself- why is all this happening over and over again???? Why do governments always politisize the issue, with each party blaming the other??? Why is it so difficult to fight against this menace??? People read about such incidents, and forget about it after 2 days, until another mishap occurs somewhere else…also, the arrested people belonging to the so-called ‘most wanted’ list, are held captive for years, till someone hijacks one of our planes in their return. Why can’t there be strict laws against terror???

If I were the supreme ruler of our country, I would ensure that all anti-national elements held captive be killed immediately, in front of the people of the country! That would send a strong message across to those rats sitting and watching from their holes that we are not scared of them, and are more than willing to eradicate them completely! Terrorize the terrorist, so that he thinks a thousand times before planning to commit another such act.

But is all this possible with our current leaders, who are worried only about their seat and their vote bank??? I can’t believe that one of our senior national leaders blamed the other party for targetting states in which they had their governments! I think India is the only country which has a murderer as the chief minister of a state…..

According to me, its upto us, the youth of India, to clean this rot in the system. We should be inspired by movies like ‘Yuva’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’, and take the reins of the future in our hands.  Only educated and dedicated leaders who work for the interest of the nation, and not to meet their vested needs,  can push India towards prosperity.


12 thoughts on “Terrorized!

  1. I completely agree with u nik. Those people, naah, they shouldn’t even be called people; they should be given the treatment they rightfully deserve. Man! When will India take some strict action?
    Also, in this context, do watch the movie ‘A Wednesday’.

  2. terrorize the terrorist…! nice policy man…but the prob is these ppl dont fear death..something beyond must be done..nice post..keep them coming..:)

  3. what i meant is that the terrorists must be made to believe that they can do NOTHING to spoil the peace of our country…..and if they do try to do so, they ll be disgraced in front of the people of this country……they might not fear death, but they do have the fear of getting exposed…

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  5. Hello Nick,

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  6. Thanks for your words of praise Sivasubramanian 🙂 …I really appreciate it. Do keep visiting Nikipedia and giving me your feedback on how I can improve my blog 🙂

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