1000 hits! Yaaaay :)

Phew! After 5 odd months on WordPress, finally reached the first big milestone 🙂 …..and it couldn’t have come on a better day……it started off with the ‘extra-time’ which my favourite teacher gave us for a particular test ( I guess if he is not satisfied with this also, he’ll have penalty shootouts for us 😀 ) ….we all played UNO after that in his own class (man, what an awesome game! 🙂 ) …..which resumed in lunch break with a bigger gang and 10 times the fun! 🙂  Then came the blogging competition which was more like a training exercise for the juniors….after that, we all just sat outside the seminar hall and chatted for some time before I shifted base to the canteen with the girl gang of our class…..and there we went on and on for a long time, imitating and teasing each other 😀 ……hehe…..wish there are more such happy days in our last few months in college 🙂


17 thoughts on “1000 hits! Yaaaay :)

  1. yup Nikhil.. v’d such a great time! i too wish v get such precious moments more often than our 6 boring classes..

  2. Welcome to nikipedia sri 🙂 ….i guess we have to look for happy moments even during boring classes….life is filled with small multi-datagram packets of fun 😀

  3. hehe 🙂 …especially in DOS class 😀 …..i have to keep sending requests to my over-enthusiastic neighbours not to ask doubts, but most of the time they get rejected, resulting in slower CPU cycles and more boredom 😦 … I end up receiving unordered packets (read paper balls) from other uninterested nodes, which I either store for future use, or return back to the sending process(es) 😛

  4. That day was enjoyable indeed…i read your Dos comment…seriously sad class…so monotonous…yawn yawn…


  5. Congratulations! =)

    UNO is the best card game there is !!

    “my favourite teacher” == you have a ‘fav’ teacher ? 😀

  6. Thanks pri 🙂 ….UNO rocks! (especially when you get to draw 12 cards 😛 )

    Favourite teacher coz I love to imitate him…..seriously, his class is amazing….. he talks only to the board 😀 …hahaha

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