Movies I watched during these holidays….

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Cute movie with a predictable climax….brilliant music! 🙂

My Rating– 9/10


Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Typical Bean movie, with lots of funny antics and an overdose of French 😉

My Rating– 9/10


The Man From Earth

Intriguing story about a man who lives for 14000 years….sounded very interesting while I was watching it, but when I recalled about the movie later, I couldn’t help laughing at its sheer impracticality!

My Rating – 7/10


Godfather Part 1

Sarkar was inspired from this movie, so it was pretty much predictable

My rating– 7/10


Love Story (????) 2050

Well, in simple words, neither was it a good love story, nor was 2050 anywhere close to impressive….really can’t understand how the actors themselves watched this during the premiere! I’ll be very lenient and say……………………………it is HOPELESS!!!

My Rating– 1/10 (The one point is for Harman’s dancing skills 🙂 )


Johnny Gaddar

A brilliant thriller, with lots of twists and turns…its a must watch! Neil Nitin Mukesh is very convincing as the protagonist, in his very first movie 🙂 …

My Rating – 9/10



Another good movie. This is lightly based on the Indian Muslim doctor who carried out the terrorist attack at Glasgow airport. Its a must watch!

My Rating – 9.5/10


3 thoughts on “Movies I watched during these holidays….

  1. @Nikhil – I have seen Jaane tu (3.5/5), Love Story (2/5), Johnny Gaddar (3.5/5), Godfather (4.5/5), The man from earth (planning to watch this weekend)

    Catching up on movies, eh? 🙂

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