10 Ways To De-clutter Your Mind

Let me begin by asking a question…what do you do when your comp is loaded with unwanted software, and your memory is choking up? There are quite a few solutions- you can delete many programs which are not so useful to you, run a disk clean-up to free up some memory, or just use an external hard drive! Our mind works in the same way…over the years, we would have accumulated so many thoughts and memories in our mind, that it might be causing problems in our daily lives…hence, it is necessary to periodically de-clutter the mind, so that we don’t keep carrying the burden in our head 🙂

Here are some ways of de-cluttering the mind which I found after searching a bit…thought of sharing it with everyone :-

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CoNfUsEd…aNd Br@iN-FuSeD!

With mock-CATs coming week after week, online tests to practice, and about 5 subjects to ‘re-learn’ for placements, my mind has gone for a toss…..I have no idea where to start from! 😦 ….its like enemies attacking your kingdom from all directions, and you don’t know where your weapons are….

The result : Consistently mediocre performances …starting right from 6th sem exams! Mock-CATs, which were my strengths at one time, have become more of a formality now…

Hope to find my way out of this rut soon…

Movies I watched during these holidays….

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Cute movie with a predictable climax….brilliant music! 🙂

My Rating– 9/10


Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Typical Bean movie, with lots of funny antics and an overdose of French 😉

My Rating– 9/10


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A visit to BIAL

A long period of boredom and a feeling of idleness prompted me and my friend Hari to do something different to ‘waste our time usefully’ 🙂 …so we decided to visit the new Bengaluru International Airport, popularly known as BIAL. We started at 1.30 pm from Majestic, which is the city’s central bus terminus. An air-conditioned Volvo bus is what we boarded, and it looked pretty impressive. The bus was more or less empty at that time, and it cost us only Rs. 125 to reach our destination.

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