The Only One….

She came up to me, and flashed her brilliant smile,
I stood there rooted, looking at her for a while…
Her pretty eyes seemed to ask me a question,
What was on my mind, I could not then mention…
Time seemed to halt, when she started talking,
Slowly towards the gate, did we start walking.
The very presence of her, took me to a different world…
Where pain and sorrow were all unheard.
Her deep voice sounded like music to my ear,
Why does my heart beat so much when she is near?
We slowly reached the exit, I pushed the gate ajar,
I was so close to her, and yet so very far…
It was finally time for us to part ways,
A final smile accentuated her glowing face. 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Only One….

  1. This was brilliant….. whoa! since when did you start blogging? or have you always been such an uncut gem?

  2. Hey thanks a lot Pun! Yea I have been blogging for almost two and a half years now… not been a regular though 🙂 …do keep visiting Nikipedia!

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